Saturday, June 30, 2007

Face Veil Face Lift

I did a quick touch up on the Sumptuous Veil today, actually completely remade it but believe me, it looks better now! Just your 45L is now that much more of a bargain ^.^

It's actually a huge project, going over my old inventory. Touching it up, reviewing the build, retexturing and then packaging it back up for my new vendors. I've got new silk textures and fun new colors (including the scandalously rarely seen cyan. You guys remember cyan? Crazy days...) and it's been extremely slow going getting all that stuff out. The sumptuous veil was the quickest, easiest, nicest... I love it so, now you can too.

So despite the lack of bloggage, I actually have been a busy little Siyu. I've completed a commission for the Hindu god Garuda, and even a very special release for Sunday. In case you want a clue, there's something I've only ever released on Sundays that happens to be special... so if you know me you know the answer and oop! yes your heart is now beating faster with excitement!! As well it should... it's totally worth it.

I've also been working on the new improved Bauta, and I was going to post it tonight of all things and then noticed about 10-20 things I wanted to change... and I'm tired dangnabbit. But the Bauta is more than a mask this time... let's just say the men have their turn!

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