Friday, June 8, 2007

The New.. Improoved...

I've always been very happy with my roses, those little details I pop on every now and then to hats. It was the very first thing I ever made on Second Life and it made me realize I can really do this building thing after all! I was impressed with myself and so I kept going... I made rose crowns out of them, it was also the very first thing I ever sold to someone, for a whopping 200L (as a noob, I was totally like OMG!). Those rose crowns also weighed in at a whopping 214 prims each, and thus became a long and time honored tradition of mine to be a complete and total prim whore.

But with sculpted prims about, my old beloved noobie roses looked crude, sharp and pieced together.

It was time for something new:

These I pieced together from individually modeled sculpted petals, because I am a crazy perfectionist. And this crazy perfectionism is what makes me so happy to offer some of the best crafted things on Second Life, if I do say so myself ^.^ I pour a lot of love and time into my items, and it makes me darn happy. So despite the fact I've always said I had the best roses on Second Life, I had to out-do myself and make them again.

I'll be releasing them as red stem roses, open and closed, as well as boutineers and hair roses, maybe even wedding bouquets, and anything else you'd like me to make them as :) I am not offering them individually for sale yet, I haven't decided on a price and need to do pictures, but here are the colors that will be available ^.^ Speak up if you don't see your favorite...

Gah, it pains me to add yellow to ANY set of colors, but they do exist in nature unlike.. er... blue... View this picture larger to see better details, the smaller blog format makes some of the colors seem blotted ^.^

Speaking of things that have been renewed and reborn...

Top hats ^.^ Sculpted prims finally gave me a solid excuse to completely overhaul my designs, so now the Sabrina and the Harajuku have a definitely shinier, more professional look, with brand new custom made textures just for them, with sculpted brims:

As you can see the new Harajuku has the new roses on it, and they look absolutely stunning if I do say so myself. Using Miriel's new vending system, I can now offer them in the seven different rose colors you see up there without wearing myself out silly with vending pictures and plugging them into the other vendor. I'll probably keep the Drifting Thoughts vendor for the "old" mask designs, but I'll also be re-doing my other selections. Watch out veils.. you're next!

I've also decided to rename the "Gothic Top Hat" as the "Victorian Top Hat"
I'll be releasing those Victorian Parasols soon, I promise! But again, my crazy perfectionism gets in the way :)

Customers who bought the designs before can get a free upgrade! IM me, and after proving ownership (by wearing it is the easiest way) I'll fob it over and you can rock the new look ;) The prices are also the same, so essentially you're just getting a much better hat now....

So, despite all of the crazy chaos of Second Life today, (oh, god, how did we survive?.... addiction..) I've managed to accomplish quite a bit


Casandra said...

On the roses - a warmer pink and a peach, pretty please :)

Casandra Shilova

Miriel Enfield said...

Wow, those roses are stunning!