Thursday, June 7, 2007

A Long Awaited Iconic Mask

Everyone knows the beautiful, stunning setting of the Opera Populaire in Intemptesta Nox... but not everyone knows of the Phantom that lives below it...

From Andrew Lloyd Webber's interpretation of Gaston Lereux's morbid "Angel of Music", since it has become an icon and immediately recognized mask (at least in American culture, I won't speak for everyone else's ^.^), I offer you with pride and many happy feelings... The Phantom of the Opera Mask...

But since this is Second Life... it's the Phantom of the Opera Populaire ^.^

No, sorry ladies, this heart throb isn't available.. I have a fiance and I'm quite happy being a woman XD But he certainly wouldn't be anywhere near as nice looking without a generous and sweet donation by Munchflower (of Nomine)... but she did get a bunch of goodies for her trouble >.>

The best thing... I tell you, the best thing about this mask being released... is that no one will ever ask me again to make one! <3

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