Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Artistic Works

Guess who became a victim of prim-botox next?

Eliza got a face lift XD This hat is now what I always dreamt of it being.... True Fabulous. It's a near perfect replica of the original, as much as I can do without being able to actually create convincing flexible ostrich feathers (I think I did a great job with it anyway >.>) I've been wearing this hat ever since I first fit it to my head, and dear lord I love it so... it features the new sculpted roses, a sculpted brim, and even a sculpted lace "hair bonnet" and lumpy scarf around the main crown of the hat. There is a bit of alpha flicker for folks who have a lot of alphas in the upper top of the hair, but for most updo's and bangs there shouldn't be any sort of problem. I love this hat.

In other news, I am now officially a contributing artist to the Second Life 4th Birthday celebration! I have both my own little plot on the SL 04 sim chunk, and a little place for my new sculpted roses at the Crescent Moon Museum's plot, run by Tayzia Abbatoir. Shashona Epsilon was an absolute peach to invite me, and I was very flattered. On the SL 04 spot, you can see the Anubis mask again, as well as some photography I've only shown on Flickr.

I love the display I did for my roses so much, that I have actually set it up outside my store in the cherry tree garden. It'll only be up for a little, so don't miss it :)

I've also been working on decorations for the Midsummer Night's Dream Masquerade!! Yes, it's almost time for that! I've been working on getting appropriate music, working on masks (just havent been released yet), and even fae horns, which I'll be working on later tonight ^.^ I'm going to give you fairy things... and a place to wear them.

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