Monday, June 18, 2007

Hi hi to the world :) It was my birthday today, so I have been celebrating in real life, and will be celebrating with all you guys on the 19th (Tuesday) at 7-10PM SLT (in case you could have possibly forgotten XD)

So obviously I haven't worked much, but I will say to you guys I put out "Buy All" options for the rose items and I've been working on adding the new rose colors to the Harajuku Top Hat. Ye gods that's tedious work, worse even than organizing inventory. Inventory organization at least keeps you on your toes with things you forgot existed and wondering where this or that came from and how on earth are you going to categorize this or that... but doing multiple colors involves real repetition... blah. The things I do for you people! ;)

My mother gave me three incredibly fabulous hats for my birthday. They are out there. I realized I dress like a flamboyant septuagenarian IRL and I love it XD So be expecting some RL inspired haute couture hats with sculpted brims and flowers etc.

I have some ideas for more fairy things, and I apologize that my scope of vision is just a bit too big to allow me to finish them in time for my Masquerade. It just means that I'll be putting up a new collection ^_^

Horus is being worked on, I haven't forgotten him, but I'm having problems. I want to make him an obvious addition to the set, and yet with sculpted prims it feels very tempting to do something radically different. I know I'll pull it off, just at the moment I've got to work out how ^_^ But yes, Horus is coming, and he'll be your very last chance at an Egyptian God. I've decided solidly that there will be only three... three is such a nice number!

So many ideas... and so little... oh wait :) I do have time, I just have to figure out which one of these kegs of inspirations I'd like to tap ^_^

(Quick shout out to Iris Ophelia, happy birthday Gemini sister!! *her birthday was yesterday*)

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