Friday, June 15, 2007

Roses ARE Blue.. Violets are... too?


A promise delivered, I give you juuust under the wire, delightful fairyful formal things :) First, an elegant and essential accessory for any gentleman of dignity, a boutineer:

Next... the revisiting of the very first thing I ever sold to anyone! Very much improved from the original, in a very big way. It was taken off of the shelf way back when when I became dissapointed by its quality, and yet unmotivated to give it a makeover. I'm glad I waited. Truly a very period and fairy piece, garlands of flowers were worn in the hair by young women who were pure or virginal. Obviously you don't need to be a virgin to wear these :)~

Lastly, the fairy-est thing of them all:
These are just plain yummy. With vines wrapped about your wrists and roses at your hands, truly you look like you crafted your clothing with the surrounding foliage... just like a real fairy ;) Yummy flexi ties and a little knot, these look beautiful with colorful wings and the rose wreath.

They currently come in seven colors, but very soon I'll be upping the variety up to 20! Including peach, pastels, and even bicolors :) But that is going to have to wait a little, I have a lot of work yet to do on the Masquerade!

June 19th 7-10pm SLT, it's also going to be an in world celebration of my actual birthday! :) But don't worry, you don't have to bring presents XD (just bring you :)

(and I actually mean it, by bring yourself, my RL b-day parties have had a history of being rather... sparsely populated (small in quantity, good in quality though). I don't get out much XD So it'll mean a lot to have you guys there :)

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