Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Oh... my... gosh.

WHAT a party. It was so chaotic and so blindingly fabulous with so many people and so many things I didn't do half the things I thought I was going to! I completely forgot the fireworks, never got a chance to do the trivia, forgot to put up pose balls for souvenir portraits and ended up not dj-ing... and no one cared. The party was that awesome without it.

Not dj-ing? quoi? It all begins with a little story about Siyu having a trusted program decide that things are obviously not the same that they were yesterday, and completely fail to load >.< that trusted program was the broadcasting one... naturally. After spending hours picking out special fairy music, and spending a full on hour and a half trying to get the program to work while the party was going, the patient and incredible life-saving Vivianne Draper filled the air waves with catchy Irish jigs and reels.... and thus she has earned herself muchas thankas points and pretty much every pirate hat I make for the next month and a half.

Folks delighted in seeking out "a little western flower/Before milk-white, now purple with love's wound," that I set out as a scavenger hunt (and you guys all got to play Puck to my Oberon! so Kewl! I'm a dork), and they got to pick a civetta, columbina, any of the rose items or 10 transferable red stem roses as their prizes. It seemed like a really well "difficultied" thing, because enough people got them and enough people had trouble finding it. YAY!(*is all proud*)

I've actually left the scavenger hunt up, I think for the next day, so if you missed the party but still want free goodies, you can scout around the island for them. They're on my half, no higher than 35 alt so they shouldn't be too tricky ;) Once you find them, put them in a folder labeled with your name and then let me know which prize you want :)

But oh.. my... god... the COSTUMES. I took, and I am not exaggerating in any way... almost 300 pictures. I couldn't stop myself. Everyone seriously looked amazing and it was so hard to resist. There were brilliant colors, wings everywhere, gorgeous masks and even... here's where you know you're raising the bar... well dressed men. In fact, the votes for best male and female were so incredibly varied over all of the amazing outfits that I had to do a re-tally for the top males (yes, they really WERE that well dressed). In the end, I had votes for no less than twenty six different people. That's why the folks who won truly earned their masks tonight...

We can officially congratulate Norathiel Silvera and Aradia Dielli in knocking the socks off of everyone

(Nora hadn't quite positioned the mask right, don't worry noses aren't supposed to poke out like that)

As their prizes, they won what was at the time, limited edition masks... but after a unanimous and overwhelming vote *blushes* I've decided to make them normal retail. May they live happily forever in my store's inventory :) You can see them here as a preview... the incredible sculpted Titania and Oberon masks.

I actually had an unusually high amount of "Designer" turn out o.o I know it's odd to say this, but it was practically like the Linden Lifestyles ball all over again. We had Miriel Enfield (who had the most incredible and unique costume), Azriel Demains (who was one of those 4 exquisitely dressed menfolk), a couple of other folks who own stores, Eolande, and even Caliah Lyon, whose outfit I completely adored because it was just about 14 degrees away from being identical to mine. Lol, and Munchflower Zaius showed up to crash the chat fest afterward and was decidedly piratey and un-fairy like XD We love her anyway. Ok enough name dropping, I'm starting to sound like a celebrity rag-sheet "Anybody Who's Anybody In Second Life Was There!". Really I'm just completely amazed and flattered, seeing as how I know just how rare it is that I myself get my preoccupied and multitasking butt off of my build spot.

I did a huge amount of last minute crunch time building for this ball, so things have been stuck in the pipeline of releases. I promise at the very least SOME thing will be released tomorrow :)

The decorations will be up for the next week.. possibly even permanently, there were a lot of people who said they preferred the event hall that way and I might even take a vote. I also re-worked all of my rocks! I now have more realistic waterfall terraforming for about a fifth of the prims :) Hurray!!

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