Monday, June 11, 2007

Love the Skin You're In

I can sort of understand people getting tattoos of names of loved ones... It symbolizes permanence and commitment.. I sort of understand people getting skulls and things permanently added to their skin... but the thing I understand most is the use of tattoos as a celebration of the body. Just like a flattering waistline decorates you, curling lines accentuating your form celebrate one's humanity in a unique way ^.^

So far, only one creator on Second Life seems to agree with me, in fact, she practically wrote the book on it.

If you've ever been to Deviant Kitties, or any "deviant", "gothic", "grunge", any place at all that isn't couture and shows a bit of shoulder, you've probably seen one of Sinjun Soyur's elegant and expertly rendered designs. She runs a modest little store called Etch'd (once "Ink'd" with her partner Laylah Mistral), that has a selection of about 20-25 different patterns (and some fun chunky heavy weave socks), and most of them are new. I've been an enormous fan of hers since I first discovered her through a photography customer (now friend ^.^), and the last time I visited her store she had only just split her inventory and gone out on her own. I had the pleasure of meeting her then, and I think I remember expressing my love for her full body tribal tattoos... well anyway, if I didn't say it, she was thinking it, because she's answered my prayers and completely splurged on delicious, wonderful, beautiful patterns to adorn yourself with.

I tried to do a simple, straight forward photoshoot, and ended up loving these pictures so much I had to edit them... art made me do it! The tattoos shown up at the top are the "Sin's Henna" set above, tinted white to stand out against Nomine's black Aether skin. So far... I can't take them off. Sinjun Soyer made them as a personal set, and got too many requests to buy that she simply had to put them out for sale. And you can see why... the back is incredible, definitely my favorite part, and the front has beautiful curling lines, as well as a rather daring pair of nipple tattoos... Very daring, a bit daring than I was feeling, hence you have to deal with the pretty back. But it's truly stunning. The second tattoo shown right above is simply called "Celestial", which I layered with Sin's celtic armband tattoos. They're all included on as many clothing layers as allowed too so feel free to layer your heart out ^.^

All of them come in an incredibly unique and authentic looking shade of washed out gray, so you really feel like they've been on your skin. Anyone who's worn henna or tattoos knows that tattoos deefinitely don't stay black for long. Sh also uses an absolutely beautiful variance of dark and light to create emphasis for certain strokes... obviously you see that I can't gush enough. BUT there is a little rain cloud...My favorite tattoos are the ones that cover the entire body, and a lot of times that includes the neck... Something that became painfully obvious is that Sinjun Soyer wears chokers. There's a very strong "t-shirt" line where the shirt mesh ends on the neck for many of her top tattoos (but the seams from shirt to pant layers are done very nicely). I don't like looking like I have a tattoo collar, but since all of the tattoos are mod (and did I mention tintable!?), a quick slip of the slider can create a more natural fade down the neck.

I frankly don't care if you don't like tattoos IRL, I mean they're painful, they're permanent, most of them are ugly... but that means you have absolutely no excuses to not like these ^_^ They're gorgeous, they make YOU look gorgeous, painless, easily swapped out for new ones, and even modest little arm bands are perfectly decent for formal occasions...

Speaking as normally the most modest digital lady around... I command you to celebrate your skin <3

SLurl: "Etch'D"
Shown: Sin's Henna, Celestial... Hair by DK "Cheyenne", and Kin "Ash". Black skin by Nomine


Seraph said...

Pictures don't seem to be loading for me in this post. :-(

Siyu Suen said...

Oh noes!! Well you can find both of them on my Flickr Stream, you can click through the little Flickr box when you find a pic that's mine :)

Seraph said...

Not showing for me either at work or at home -- but all the other posts are. Maybe check with others to see if they see them? Might be a permissions issue. Meanwhile, I'll try to check out your stream. Looking forward to next week!