Sunday, May 20, 2007

Sculpies Shmulpies

The news about sculpted prims was huge for me. As soon as I saw the words "new" and "building" was loading and I was definitely focused on finding out what this new fangled thingamajiggy was. Finding out about new, high-tec sculpt mappy things and one prim mushrooms blew my mind, "OMG! Pillows!?"

My first thought was "oh god", and then it was "oh no". Because I just happen to be rather adept at a build set that's been around for a while, is very comfortable to me, and that I feel I've explored the potentials of. Yet if I don't jump on to this new technology, there will be people all around me making far superior things and then I won't sell anything, and I'll lose business, and lose money and then lose my apartment! EEEP. Some parts of my head of course, were retaining rationality and saying "hmm, I guess I'll have to learn new things in order to stay on top", and patiently started looking for affordable (or accessible) 3d rendering programs. Because I'm not just gonna open up photoshop and be able to make one of those newfangled rgb doobobs. I found a few programs, only two of which work, and only one of which has any sort of understandable documentation...

And I realized I'm such a hardcore noob. UV mapping? Baking? What are you baking, muffins? My 3d rendering program experience boils down (ha, I can use the kitchen words too) to Terragen, an old open shareware program that was used to create land and water for rendering, and then Second Life. It's very, very scary and uncomforting when you're trying to find a tutorial for a beginner's guide to the program, and you STILL don't understand a word they're saying. "Ok, camera, perspective, view from the right... ok, now why is it that when I make my sphere, it's only a couple of stretched lines? oh, ok, there we go, I forgot the z axis.... ok now what? Morph? Apply mesh? Quoi?"

I've managed to make a folded ball, and a twirly vortex of doom. I forgot how obsessed I am with instant gratification. Must... be... expert... now!! I think I'd be able to be more patient if I could actually find the beginner's guide to beginning.


Miriel Enfield said...

I know exactly what you mean. It's so frustrating to not have basic competence -- I want to do stuff -now-, not spend time slogging through a tutorial.

vanettda said...

reading your later post on ZBrush was very cool. I have been struggling with Maya and blender for almost a year in my RL work. But Will it do everything that Maya does? It certainly looks more intuitive. The SLblog says it doesn't export the UV maps? how do you export the final product for import?