Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Forgiveness for Sculpies

3D rendering has been redeemed... it has a holy savior, a beautiful tool straight from the hands of heaven itself... Zbrush.

I was working on this all night. It was once just a humble sphere... no tricks, no sourcing, I just sat down and made it. After tweaking and tweaking it went from a fat big face with a sloppy nose, to crazy huge pouty lips, then looking like a kind of odd native american woman, and then tweak tweak tweak... a smooth, white, beautiful face.

Actually what surprises me now is that it kind of looks like me if my nose was nicer and my lips were different O.o Lol, I guess ya build whatcha know!

Ok, a moment to talk about the beauty of Zbrush... I've had it for a couple of days now, and put in maybe a good two hours of play time, making random things like goblin heads, tweaking their male model head into a female model head, and making the head of a wasp, too. I've been itching to see if I could make a female face ever since I first started in it, and last night I set my mind to it. The wonderful thing that makes it different from Modo, Maya and Blender is that I actually feel like I've got this perfect, flawless piece of clay with fingers that only do exactly what I want them to do. All of their advertising is geared towards getting the artist of the physical world the tools to create in the virtual world, instead of making it almost impossible to pick it up without extensive courseware on how to use the darn thing.

I'm no longer afraid of sculpies. I may be wary of them..... but NOW I'm excited <3


Anonymous said...

Yay for you! .. Yay for masks! :D

Miriel Enfield said...

Wow! That's an incredible first piece of work.