Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Lacy Things!

Normally a term indicative of naughty things and lingerie, I give you lacies! That are completely innocent and although very secksy, maybe not the same way.

I'm officially releasing Smokey, that veil I posted a little ways down, and for only 20L! I felt guilty making it anything more, I mean, it's three prims for godsakes.

But the other lacies are HATS. I visited a hat store lately (in that other life)that had to have over 120 hats for ladies and gentlemen and I tried on every single black one, white one, big one, small one, buckled one, leather one, felt one, zomg hats. I was in hat heaven. And I want to give people some of that happy hat-tastic feeling. So I recognized that my hat selection was more limited than it COULD be, so ladies, be hatted.

This is a lovely, British inspired sun hat called Miss Marilyn. I made it on Mother's Day, and I was thinking of my mother when I made it, whose name is Meryl. So I dedicate it to my mum, love ya, have a hat you can't wear! (oh I know you like it anyway)

I've made it in black, white, black and white and white and black, because that's what I do. These are of course, completely and deliciously tintable, and you are invited, nay, commanded! to tint them to the lovely outfits you're wearing. By no means need you buy all 4 of the "color" combinations, just buy one as a jumping off point. I've set it out on the new releases wall for 125l :)

Here is a yummy pillbox, which I couldn't quite get to play nice with hair that had alpha textures. Rather than scrap the idea, or let it waste away as a victim of perfectionism, I'm putting it out as a steal at 35L :)

To tell the truth, I haven't really named it yet. Everyone says Jackie O', but it seems far too dark, and besides, I wanted to do a really fun Jackie hat. So this is as of yet unnamed, in fact, I'm going to ask that people PLEASE IM me with ideas for names :) Should be fun!

On another note, I've been good and done my homework, and I've redone my permissions signs. I know it won't stop people from ignoring them, but at least now they'll have less excuse. I've also officially started using Miriel's beautiful vendors! On the far wall for the jewelry, I now have Gothica, Entranced and Cherished all available for sale as transfer or copy! Where is Graced you might ask? Well, I've always been embarassed by the chain I did for it, so now I'm going to take it aside for a little retooling. I've also lowered the prices on them, because hey, what the hell ^.^ Speaking of lower prices, I added a couple of other bargains to the bargain table, and made it a little harder to miss :)

Go forth and be hatted!

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