Monday, May 28, 2007


Wow, have I been a busy little Siyu! After my initial offering, I've started a whole bunch of projects that are currently underway, and then I don't have anything to show for it!

I'll just say that there is definitely more pirate stuff on the way, in a BIG way, as well as a Hedgehog Musketeer v2 for those of you who have been missing it :) I've also been ironing the kinks out of sculpie masks, but it's slow going.

Carnivale went down today, for no good reason at all, so I need to take a moment to rant. After waiting patiently for a good 45 minutes for it to come back online, I tried to do a help request and... oh, silly naive me, they got rid of it. Hmm, help, additional help, nothing, nada... filed a support ticket with the support site, still nothing... visited the Linden Office and Linden Village, not a Linden in sight. And then, in an act of desperation, I just started randomly im'ing Lindens hoping to find at least one that was online, with absolutely no luck. Happily the whole thing ended well, because the ever resourceful Vanessa kept calling Linden Labs until she found the cleaning lady or something. Well anyway, she kicks major ass.

The customer support at Linden Labs is simply inexcusable at the moment, and hopefully the more we harass them, the more they'll be motivated to fix it.

I'd also like to put out there, that apparently sculpies are very vulnerable to theft when set to mod. People can apparently take the shapes and use them themselves. I'm very proud of my sculpted work, and naturally I want to protect them. BUT... I have decided to keep my items mod, all of them, even the single sculpted prim items that are yet to come. But this means, that if you see someone with sculpted shapes that seem very similar to mine, PLEASE report it, as my work is protected under the intellectual property copyrights that all folk are protected by on Second Life. I'd much rather dishonest people get caught, than honest people be denied a right I quite enjoy granting.

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