Saturday, May 26, 2007

Compromise <3

I've feared them, I've loved them, I hated them... and now I've made peace with them :)

Sculpies and I... well, we sat down in Zbrush, and we worked things out. and I've gotten the hang of them now. I've agreed not to demean it for being so low rez, and it's agreed to help me out with some very tricky shapes. We've decided to make some wonderful hats together ;)

The long awaited superior hats... at least by me. They both are dream come trues for me on SL, and have been a long time coming. I am so very proud to offer to you what surely must be the best, most piratastic headwear on SL at this time, and timed very well thanks to Pirates of the Carribean: AWE, which was awesome ;)

The old designs will be retired and stuck up on the cheapie board for some obscenely low price, and these beautiful new sculpie hats will only be marginally more expensive than the originals. It'll be 75 for the tricorner, and 125 for the Cavalier, well worth it I feel :)

The Cavalier will also have a choice of three materials, velvet (shown), satin (like the tricorner), and leather ^.^

Much pirate love, and much peace with the sculpties.

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Sybella said...

I hate my internet, not only did I leave the comment for this entry on the one below, but it got posted twice.
oy vey :p