Monday, May 14, 2007

Name that Mane

There have been folks who sat in stores and said "Damn, I wonder what hair she's wearing in that picture? I wish they would say somewhere". Oh really? Alrighty then! I don't mind doing a little guide to hair! That is, the hair that I wear in my pictures :) Now, I know that it would be super duper tough to just list every single item and every single hair style I wore with it (not to mention needing constant updates)... so here's what I'm going to do. I'm going to list the designers where I've gotten my hair, because I use the same ones over and over again! Simple! Then anyone who wants to can either ask, or if they're shy (and hey, who isn't sometimes) peruse this entry.

If it's black or white, it's probably from Kin. It's my absolute favorite hair on SL, she is my hair crack dealer. Everyone has one, she's mine. Kin's hair has a very light, flowy and sometimes spiky feel with a Japanese influence. Great flexi, looks very feathery and at the same time smooth.
Styles I own: Everything
Style Shown on the Black Cygnus Mask: "Chu" in Black

Deviant Kitties : Most of the time I don't use her hair for mask pictures, since it tends to have very generous bangs, but if you haven't found the hair style you wanted from my photos, then this is the place to try :) Style wise she looks a lot like Kin. I love her long styles and her choppy ones, they're just too much fun!
Styles I own: Symon, all the mohawks, Cheyenne
Style Shown with Selos Dae's Neko Skin: "Symon" in Midnight

If it's a different color, something wild like purple or blue etc, it's from Here Comes Trouble. I bought their four cheapie packs (OMG 1l for 40+ colors!) and a couple of other bargains. HCT has a sometimes stiff, classic SL hair feel, lots of toruses, and can be very stylized and funky.
Styles I own: Mallory, Belinda, Tiya, Bonita,
Style Shown with Lady's Cabaret Top Hat: "Tiya" in Black

I've also given Elika Tiramisu a bit of my money, of ETD. She's admittedly got a great mix of the styles of Kin and the more traditional torii-fest SL hair (when I say this, I'm thinking Gurl6, HCT, Naughty etc). Plus, her textures are legendary. She's rather light on the bangs, which is great for masks.
Styles I own: Felitia, Airy
Style Shown with Naso: "Felitia" in Black

Panache provided me with the core of my hairstyles when I was juuuuust starting out. I got all of her freebies, and then stopped there. They also have a couple of nifty styles at the Gnubie store and at the Free Dove.
Styles I own: Pazzies Ponies and Buns, Candie Vonta, Faith Midnyte
Style Shown with Syldath's Gaze: "Faith Midnyte" in Ash

If it's that fabulous white feather hair? Yeah, I love that too, that's Egret from ::Bare Rose::, and I'm not sure if you'll be able to find it on your own, so ask one of the nice peoples that hang out at the entrance for just the purpose of helping you ^.^

There O.O My hair secrets revealed! Eek!

P.S: If this confuses you, or you're not savvy around the world of hair yet.... you can always just ask :)~

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