Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Piratey Proliferance

Wow... I've just been having so much fun with the Pirate goodies, I've decided to make more... and *coughtheysellreallydamnwellCOUGH* I just started making and making, things that were a variation on the pirate theme, and well, out came... the Cavalier

It all started with the boots...

They had to be made thigh high. Yes, I will shamelessly say that I cheated and used the same base for the foot. I thought of slipping these in discreetly with the normal Pirate Boots, and I realized people wouldn't know that they were part of it. They really do deserve some light shed on them. They come in the same size dealy, two sizes with the normal size fit to the average SL woman (long legs), and the larger size is to give that extra slouchy yummy leather boot look to women, or obviously, to fit men normally.

I also made... *gasp* GAUNTLETS. Yes, honest to god yummy chunky slouchy wrinkly leather gauntlets, but being who I am, couldn't do the clothing texture up to my standards. Now, I was patronized not too long ago by Raven Pennyfeather... does that name ring any bells? It certainly should!! She owns RFyre designs, which is an enormously popular and extensive line of gothic and fantasy clothing. We were brought together by our mutual love of masks, (like so many of my friends on SL <3 2d="" 3d="" a="" adore="" adores="" against="" amusing="" and="" be="" body="" borrowed="" br="" but="" by="" can="" clothing="" collaboration...="" coming="" couldn="" currently="" d="" decided="" do="" don="" exact="" exactly="" expect...="" fact="" gauntlets.="" hands="" happy="" have="" i="" if="" it="" know="" my="" not="" of="" one="" opposite="" out="" prim="" really="" she="" so="" start="" stuck="" t="" talents.="" texture="" that="" the="" to="" together="" used="" ve="" we="" well="" what="" will.="" will="" with.="">

Also, watching the newer Peter Pan movie made me realize there was a Piratey Chapeau that had never been brought to life (well) on SL. So I bring you a very flouncy and semi-Napoleonic Bicorner

Another thing I was working extensively on, was following a longing and a desire of mine to bring a truly Fabulous hat into this world. Now, when I say Fabulous, I mean larger than life... I mean eye-catching, I mean exquisitely tasteful and yet walking the line between excess and excellence. The true meaning of Fabulous being awe inspiring, and absolutely requiring a personality, otherwise the overwhelming energy of the Fabulous will overpower you and leave you looking completely ridiculous.

To those who know how to wear it, I humbly give you the Captain's Hat

Jason Isaacs would be proud. It has a veritable waterfall of wild white feathers, cascading down the back, and framed by a super wide brim. It's over a 190 prims, and I did my best to back the alphas with a couple of solid blank white textures in order to reduce alpha flicker. This hat is actually ridiculously easy to tint! You can't see the crown even if you try, even if you camera inside the feathers it isn't easy to find. So when tinting the feathers or retexturing it, you only have to worry about the main prim of the curve of the hat. Cool, huh?

If you're wondering about the hair, I actually have a small confession to make. I made it. And it's made out of scunchy cunchy sculpties! I haven't put it out yet, because at the moment I'm just not sure if I should. I would only offer it in black and brunette, and it would very clearly be defined as a Captain Hook wig, and I guess I'd just like to hear a few folks tell me to put it out. Maybe I'll include it in the Pirate Pack I'm putting together ^.^


Selos said...

I am worth 20 people, put yer hair out, woman! <3

Sybella said...

Oh my, so much piraty goodness!
And yes, put out your hair, do eeet.

Anonymous said...

The hair! The hair! Please put the hair out. When I looked at the pictures it wasn't the fabulous hats (and they are fabulous) I noticed first it was that hair and I wondered where you got it from. That you made it shows how multi-talented you are.