Thursday, May 24, 2007

Dissapointment >.<

I seem to be up and down more than a teeter totter in a hurricane. I tried exporting my fabulous masks, I made four and they were all beautiful, and it turns out that they had more than 10 times the amount of "vertices" than Second Life can support. So... sculpy masks might not be a possibility, unless I find a way to cut a single mask into 10 pieces ^^; (and I'm working on that). Going from 8000-10,000 points to 1024 points was like going back to vhs tapes on a black and white TV after having a high-def LCD flatscreen.

Ok I have to stop with the whole simile thing. But yes, Siyu has suffered a rather steep dissapointment, and the phantom of the opera mask might not be the full sculpy sexy dream I fantasized about (and... made... *cries*). I'll be trying to use the dinky, nasty, rough and pixelated shapes that Second Life allows, but not I'm not wary of Sculpies anymore.. I've lost a lot of respect for them. They're a whole lot of effort that they're not really worth yet.

Yes, Siyu shall be using them in the future, and expect that fabulous tricorner that I know you guys have been itching for :) But no, they won't be the amazing be-all-end-all of building. Yes, I'll be using them for what they probably were intended for, as a sort of custom lego maker and not what you make the legos into.

I leave you with a pretty:

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Sybella said...

Congratulations on working your issues out. ;)
As soon as I sign in world Imma go get me a pirate hat!