Thursday, May 3, 2007

Digging in the attic

I have to admit, this release is mostly about the Schador I just made, and am still wearing. This headwrap was made for my friend Mourna Biziou (whom I believe you've met if you've seen her modeling my silks) for the Linden Lifestyles Ball. It came out so beautifully, I decided to play with ways to make it more awesome. So it comes in three seperate pieces, a simple cowl that drapes around the neck and attaches to the chest, the actual Schador that covers the head and hair and bags a bit in a natural way in the back, and a headwrap, so you can cover your mouth and be a ninja. All three pieces can be worn seperately, but they really look wonderful all together.

But I also dug out a bunch of masks that I had made and hadn't released, dusted them off, and put them out. Amongst them, a Spring Nymph Mask and its mate, the Spring Green Man.

Also, for those elegant socialites out there who wish to go matchie matchie without LOOKING like they're matchie matchie, is the Ebony masks:

Personally, I like the female version better, but that's obvious, 'cause I AM female.

Also releasing a simple, cute whimsical Venetian mask, called the Naso, named so for its big nose. As Nasos go, this one is actually pretty tame ;)

Woooo picture spam!! All items are available in-world at the main store on the new releases wall

Schador - 6 Colors, 325L each or 650L for all ("Symon" Hair by Deviant Kitties, "Hyde" tattoo by Etch'd)
Spring Nymph and Green Man - 75L each ("Charity" Hair from Madame De Pompadour) ("Sawyer" hair by Tami McCoy, Hunter cape by B@R)
Ebony masks - 195 each ("Belinda" hair by HCT, Spring Satin Gloves by Nicky Ree) ("Dangerous" hair by Tami McCoy, "Woltt" shirt by DE Designs)
Naso - 200L ("Felicia" hair by ETD, Spring Satin Gloves by Nicky Ree)

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