Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Out with the old!

Or more precisely, out of the vendor with the old. I pulled them out so I can make room for the new... and then was faced with a choice. What to do with the old? Hmmm... I could just get rid of them.. make them dissapear... no one would ever know they existed...

Well I couldn't do that, I personally hate it when designers discontinue things no matter how old they were. So I did what I wanted them to do: make 'em CHEAP!

The following masks are now 45L or under:

Elegant Lady of Seville
Grand Peacock Mask
Imp Mask (which is 5L)
Lucky Pheonix Mask
Nefara's Mask (awww my first one ever!)
Angel Mask (which is 10L since it was 45 before...)

And a couple others, which, as I dig through my inventory will be added to the pile of oldies. There were a few that just were quietly removed and evaporated and never to be seen again (do you remember the faces of Yin and Yang?) that I'll be re-releasing for the same oh so low price of 45L and under.

Now if you weren't showering me in love in affection already, I also went back and reviewed some of my designs which I thought were the absolute shizzle when I made them, that now I can recognize as the "eh" pieces that they are... So MORE price cuts!! I cut down some bloated prices in the mask vendor, and I raided my hat vendor, slashed prices on everybody's favorites (the pirate tricorners and the cavalier) as well as the headdresses, because hey, what the hell! Most of them are now half off, if not more than half off, and the Sumptuous Veil got a price slash too. It's about time!

You may now shower me with love and affection, and flowers are nice too XD

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amna said...

extremely nice job