Friday, May 11, 2007

Customer Considerations

Lately I've been getting some input from you guys, because in my own little world of making pretty things, I sometimes quite forget what exactly you guys notice, read, don't read, see or pay attention to, or would like to know. What's obvious to me isn't always obvious to you, so I've been listening to what customers have to say about my store lately.... erm... with and without their knowledge >.> (hey, what is said in open chat is fair game! And if anyone wanted to camera around they'd find me with my ear against the wall)

So here are some improvements that I'm currently working on, and will be working on to make people a little happier :)

The biggest project so far is installing new jewelry vendors, ones that have been donated by the ever talented and beneficent Miriel Enfield, so soon you'll be able to choose if you'd like things copy or transfer! ZOMG!

Easier to read, and maybe even more obvious signs that state my permissions... my aesthetic sense winces at this one because I love the ones I have now with their pretty script and seamless blending into the environment... which are the problems.

Making my bargain table a little more obvious, sadly the first thing people see is normally my vendor set at the most impressive mask which is of course normally the most expensive. People see me as a money grubbing evil person and so I'd rather have the first thought be "oo! cheapies!"

Making my permissions more obvious, I know I mentioned that, but ye gods, it needs to be stated again!

Making my policy on free re-textures more known, most people looking for masks tend to be women wanting to match their dresses, so I want it to be known that I'll happily match them ^.^

Putting up an official policies thing up on here, so that people browsing out of world can check it out.

Putting up an official guide to HAIR used in my model pictures. On this site, naturally, but whoa, secrets revealed!

Speaking of hair, writing up a notecard guide that describes how to make your hair fit to your mask if it doesn't already.

Also going to give you a release update, 'cause I want to give you guys something to look forward too aside from all of those improvements :)

Osiris Silks - Fits are finished, just working on adapting all of the accessories to be man sized. Currently the foot thongs are giving me trouble and require being completely remade.

Brand new, long chained necklace called Honored, working on metal variations, it's going to come in EVERY semi-precious stone I have! (15 different stones, 3 different metals, it's going to be a grind but worth it). It's meant to be an absolutely essential, beautifully versatile necklace that will be to die for in its usefulness ^.^

I made a simple, elegant, beautifully mysterious mask in about 5 minutes for someone, and I'm wondering to myself why didn't I made it earlier? It's only 3 prims! I've called it Smokey and you can get it straight from me if you ask, for free. Consider it a thanks from me for actually reading all of this :)

I have some commissions to work on as well, one that you guys can reeeally look forward to is the next civilization I'm going to visit... I think I might pay a trip to Lothlorien...


Ylusive said...

That mask came out great!

Siyu Suen said...

Lol yes!! Hehehe and I can thank you for that can't I? ^.^ Next time someone asks me about a head piece and veil I can point them right back at you <3

Casandra said...

Oh! I would love to have your lovely lace mask. Thanks.

The effect of walking in and seeing the mask you are showcasing is awesome. How about placing the bargain table close to the door so they can see that first, and when they finish there look up and further back and see the mask you want to feature? You would lose some of the WOW factor, but perhaps not too much.

Casandra said...

Oops, sorry. Full name Casandra Shilova (sometimes the last name displays, and sometimes it doesn't :)

Siyu Suen said...

I've sent it along :) Go ahead and IM me if you didn't get it or whatever :)