Friday, April 4, 2008

Update on the ears, I was planning on releasing them yesterday, and then today, and then of course I thought of something else I could do. Which is more work but what the hey. Here's the run down though, so you know what to expect:

There are two new ear shapes! So that makes five total. One of them is utterly sweet and I can't stop wearing them, the other is simply unforgettable.

I'm doing a skin tone set especially for Nomine's new Windlight Aether skins, a naturals set (of course), and a Drow set, which is what is the hold up right now. I ended up having too many tones (I could only have 12, and I had about 16-17 and I couldn't figure out which ones to lose). So I asked Ziggy once again, (thanks Ziggy), and I have a script that can handle more skin tones just especially for the Drow ones. I also plan on doing a set for TRAP's elven skins once I figure out how I want to handle her twenty two different skin tones (crazy woman).

While I'm working on skin tones, here is your chance to shout out ones you want to see! I've settled on the naturals already, and for the Drow tones I have Nomine, Fleur, Sin Skins, Body Politik, Adam and Eve, E's, Fallen Gods (just the "Dust" tone) and Panjen all covered. If I've missed anyone major, let me know!

The piercings come in three varieties, which are sort of moods almost; a punky funky body modifier set, a beautiful classic mystical set, and a spiky rar-ish goth set. I think that covers my bases as far as piercings go, and in any case I'm not doing any more. I've been obsessed with ears for weeks now and I'm gettin' sick of 'em!!

Have hopes for ears by Saturday, all should go well, unless things don't.


Sai Pennell said...

Oooh, these are gonna be awesome, I can tell! :D

BTW, Nora has drow skins as well. ^.^

Ziggy Puff said...

See, maybe you should just tell me what it is you need and let me figure out how to make it work, instead of trying to tell me how to solve the problem ;) There are many ways to handle more than 12 menu choices, and what I gave you may not be the best option for you.

Let's talk over the weekend, and you tell me if you want it done differently.

Severina said...

Stop teasing! I NEED new ears ;p