Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Elven Additions

I wasn't done, I had the elves on the brain, they kept swirling around saying "elfy things, Celtic things, pretty things, graceful things!". Well, actually for the past two months the only words in my head were "EARS! EARS EARS EARS!" as anyone who spoke to me IRL or on SL experienced and patiently waited for the passing of. But now that the ear obsession has released me somewhat, I am free to share what anyone who has bought the Mystic piercings has already had a preview of...

I made sculpted pieces of Celtic knot work. Partly because it's beautiful, elegant, and unprecedented on SL (to my knowledge), and partly because I CAN! YEAH! So I found myself making little knot pieces that were graceful and flowy, and even stuck one on the boxes the ears came in. But of course having little pieces of knotwork is going to lead to... haha yes, I can see you longing for me to just say it! Just frickin' show the jewelry already!! Well, you could have just scrolled down if you were that impatient.

Ninya is Quenya (the old elvish language of JRR Tolkien) for "mine". I chose the name because I felt a connection to this design and its simple elegance, and I find I keep wearing it despite having other options. It's simple and beautiful and it strikes a cord with me.

Now I think you might be noticing a few things different about this set than my other sets like Winged and Rosalyn or Cherished... this one is scripted, like the ears and the hair, to change texture! Hurray! You get a fatpack for (almost) no extra! And what's that? There's something else... "additional pieces available"? What's that?
A rare beast, the hand ornament. Due to the difficulty of working with the mesh of the avatar's hand, different hand sizes, attachment issues, or just plain non-interest, it seems that hand ornaments are few and far between on SL, or maybe I'm just not shopping in the right places? Well, they happen to be one of my favorite pieces of jewelry in my first life, and what better addition to a mystical elven jewelry set than a hand ornament?

Maybe this?

I will give you a moment to grab a tissue to wipe the drool from your mouth.

Alrighty then! This has to be one of my most favorite creations... um... ever. I've made some beautiful things in my time, or so I'd like to think, but this is just a fantasy come true for me. Every single prim of it is sculpted, so rather than weighing in at a hefty 220 or even an impossible 300, (as a few of my pre-sculpted attempts ended up as) it comes in at a modestly luxuriant 130. I can thank Sculptomancy's sculpted prim chain links for that, 4 links in one prim!

I feel absolutely beautiful wearing it.

But it does come with conditions: it's made for longer hair, it might not work with all styles, and chances are very high that it will need repositioning, mild stretching, or some sort of rotation to look its best. My suggestion? Buy it in the copiable permission, and make a few copies for your favorite long hairs. That's what I did. Currently it fits best on Kin's Ayako style or Armidi's Angel, but it should be easily shifted or rotated to fit on a simple, long, straight style.

Yet even that wasn't enough to make me happy, I realized my waist was looking a little bare...

This is another one that might be a little tricky or be picky about what you wear. It works best with a long skirt, I built it onto Miriel Enfield's beautifully made Elaine dress (which is ridiculously perfect for elfing around in). And I ended up loving the entire set so much, that I just couldn't stop with one.

I made two other sets, each with the 3 additional pieces of the headpiece, hand ornament, and girdle. Irima, in Quenya, means loved and admired. The design reminded me of a royal elf, or the sort of thing you would give your little elven daughter.
Lataine is the last but not least, which reminded Kriket Pimpernel of branches and leaves. Thus I named it after the elvish word for "laurel", which has a leaf shape vaguely reminiscent of the shapes formed in the knotwork.

You can buy just the necklace and earrings as a set, or you can buy the hand ornament, girdle or headpiece seperately, but there is also an option to buy the complete set (and don't forget, with 6 different metals included!) for a modest 615L, which I think you'll agree is a steal for such elegant elfin accoutrements!


Freyja Nemeth said...

Wow, these are stunning. :)

In addition to there not being a lot of hand ornaments in SL, I also think there could be a lot more headpieces and girdles. These are really some unique pieces.

Since you mentioned that fitting may be a little fiddly with some of these, I don't suppose there could be a demo for the more tricksy pieces? Just to give a sense of how much fiddling it might take. :)

Anonymous said...

I almost need a second job in my second life because of you :P I just managed to save up again for my 3rd pair of ears and now this. I just have to get those sets..amazing. Incredible work! ty :)

Thema Felix said...

you are unreal. my goodness.

Polly Pavlova said...


Siyu Suen said...

A demo is an excellent idea, I was setting these up late last night so I was like "I can do that later!" But yes, I'll set one up right away :D

Thank you guys... *hugs for all*

Miriel Enfield said...


You're going to put me out of business, you know.

Selos said...

OMG woman...I RARELY..and I emphasize on RARELY give a shit about jewlery but omg >:O those are just hands down freaking awesome <3!