Wednesday, April 23, 2008

At the risk of slower, sluggish releases, I've decided to try out the concept of collections. I've had some really cool ideas that just keep building on themselves recently. I've thought of some really cool themes that, rather than release in small installments, I'd like to release all at once.

The current theme for what I just released was obviously "elf".

I'm not sure how long this collection idea might take, but I'll do my best to keep you updated so you don't think I'm just sitting on my butt playing Oblivion or watching reruns of That 70's Show. So I've decided to turn this into a game! How can I keep you guys excited, interested, and engaged in completely unknown items that I'd like to keep secretive? A guessing game!

I like haiku, so I'm going to give you guys a clue in a haiku. Post your guesses in the comments! The first person who guesses it right gets to pick an item from the store that they would like for free! So I'm going to try to make it hard, and I hope no one that sees me working on the item in question gives it away as a spoiler.

Raiments of a lord
A majesty's majesty
Which ladies wear not.

Make sure you include your SL name so that if you win, I can send you the goody!


Green Dream said...

Well, this one is odd, considering there will probably be some ladies that defy the last clause. You did wear facial hair... and you do model the products.

I highly doubt you're going to make a them based around cod-pieces and cups, and the 'ladies' may simply refer to being prim and proper. 'King of Kings' points me either toward Buddy Jesus, and therefore possibly some Middle-Eastern/Arabian theme (turbans and scarves? o_O; ), or perhaps down a different path toward thievery- while there may be codes, etiquette is not the highest state of mind amongst bandits and their close cousins, pirates. 'King of (the 40) Thieves' idea here, and as we've seen in PotC, there can be a King of Pirates.

Or, in the stream of line of it having to do with crowns, ala one King Julien, it could have a lion theme, with manes, crowns, and so on and so forth.

Yeah, I like speculating. >_>

"I have a crown! It's a very nice crown, and it's here, on my head! Am I wearing it?"

Green Dream said...

Oh, and my speculations may be too broad, so I'll save my name till announcement or prodding. ^^;

Nor said...

Well I'm always excited by your products, they're always so beautiful and fantastical that even when I don't buy them I love looking at them. Noelani bought your jewelry yesterday and I oohed and aaahed over the hand-ornament you made, especially the way it actually moved with her AO. It was beautiful.

What I'd love to see are some more masculine crowns so I'm going to hope that's the answer to your riddle. Probably not since women wear crowns too, but that was my first thought on your haiku and I'm sticking with it because I want to see crowns for men which are more than just a wrap around texture.

So even if it's not a crown please, please, please, please will you make one.

Though jewelled cod-pieces would be fun (especially with lots of bling and maybe music that plays whenever anyone touches it and bright flashing lights and... hmm okay maybe not.). :)

Siyu Suen said...

Hehehe!! Jeweled codpieces XD That one did make me laugh but I'm not surprised you went there. Ok, I want to clarify a bit that when I was writing the haiku, I wanted to keep it focused on the source of the item, the inspiration for it and where you'd find it. Women can naturally wear it when I finish/release it, after all, I certainly like wearing it so far. ♥

Green Dream said...

By the looks of it, maybe you should make cod-pieces, Siyu. XD

Green Dream said...

Ok, other ideas that come to mind from original 'men-only' positions:

- Priesthood and pope-hats.
- Golf.

XD I love this. It is so silleh.

Avery Oddfellow said...

Tricky! I keep thinking of capes, like in that one pic of Henry VIII (the big ones with the fur around the edges), but women wear those too.

Also, codpieces are awesome and now I kind of want to try to make some myself. >_> They'll be a lot more beautiful if you make 'em though. ;)

Hrm. Will continue pondering.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm. I know I caught this post a bit late, but it sounds like a beard design, Siyu. :-)

Would be cool since we already got to see your mustache styles.

Freyja Nemeth said...

Hmm, tricksy indeed. One thing that popped into my mind for the general theme after finding out that the second item is a wolf was fairy tales. But then it made me think of the Emperor's New Clothes for the first item, and I am not sure invisible clothes is such a hot business idea. ;)

So ... if its not invisible clothing, how about one of those really fancy powdered wigs with long curls and all?

Laitaine Fairey said...

Well if the theme is animaly, then perhaps this refers to antlers? o_O

Siyu Suen said...

Ding ding ding!! Laitaine just guessed it! A "majesty's majesty" was referring to a stag, a king or lord of the forest, and his enormous, glorious rack of antlers. Not really found on does or the females of the species, unless they find some on the forest floor and have some duct tape handy.

Laitaine, you can pick something from my store that you'd like for free :D (And it can't be "everything" :)~ )