Thursday, February 25, 2010

Dama and Primo di Carnivale

My event masks are always my chance to do something truly outlandish, and work freely without worrying about going back and doing colors. Usually I'm conservative about the amount of unique textures needed for a mask, since for every one I do it increases the amount of total colored textures exponentially. Event masks like the King and Queen of the Dead are my chance to go all out and create an art piece. Unfortunately, this sacrifices their versatility and sometimes their popularity, as I'm less likely to please everyone if it's not available the way they want it.

With these masks, I couldn't let myself condemn it to only one day a year. I found myself wanting it in my own colors as undoubtedly you will when you try it on.

My first Volto in years, this is probably the best I'm going to be able to do for a full face mask without meshes. The lips are still a separate prim, but now blend better than ever. However, SL's object shading will still make the seam visible, but not if you have a no-shader WL setting (a setting that removes the lines on your face, like a face light did back in the days). If your computer can't handle WL settings, setting the mask full bright can work as well. But honestly, it's not really that bad.

These masks are the first event masks to be scripted, and they include the same palette of colors as my more recent masks. The lips change to complimenting colors, but you can also choose contrasting ones if you like, and play around with different effects. The white base of the mask is the only part that does not change, for the sake of better blending with the lip prim.

I've been wanting to make a lot of little changes everywhere, like my blog header and profile picture etc, and just freshen everything to feel more current. You might notice that I changed my vendor template a little. Nothing drastic, just a little touch up, but I think it seems cleaner and fresher. I eventually want to redo my entire store build, but trying to not do anything extreme yet!

These masks are available now at Carnivale for 375L each :)


JackalE said...

In person this mask is so surreal - fantastic work, Siyu!

Ruina Kessel said...

*brings the spam sword*

Your work is lovely, as always! I love the curlicues on these!

Siyu said...

Thank you!!

And you have no idea how happy I am to see actual comments XD Spam sword indeed, I think I need a spam mangonel or catapult to fight off the spam invaders and their never ending invasion.

Ruina Kessel said...

I might have a tiny idea, actually LOL I have a few of my own blogs and know from experience that comments make you feel less like your just writing into the void of nothingness. And spam comments only make that feeling worse >:(

Of course, I should listen to myself and comment on others' blogs more, too XD I promise, I do read when you post! ;)