Monday, February 1, 2010

Magic and Romance Hunt

I'm still giving this hunt thing a try, so far I have no idea if anyone has actually made it to my store from the Shoes and Accessories Hunt (good ol' #150), so I'm bringing my experimenting with hunts to a different approach, which is the small and intimate hunt with a very strong theme.

Morgaine Price's modest hunt with around 30 designers is more up my alley, and is heavily fantasy themed. Most of the designers create fantasy clothing for women, and include folks like Deviance and Wishbox. And myself, of course!

In keeping with the theme of fantasy and romance, my offering for the hunt is the Amorno mask:
A sweet, feminine valentines-appropriate visage, this mask can be found inside a red rose hidden somewhere in my store. I apologize to the guys for such a girly offering, but it's an extremely girly hunt! You grabbed the horns from that other hunt, right?

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