Monday, March 1, 2010

STEAM Hunt #110 (Illusions)

In the interest of keeping you guys updated, I'm sick and down for the count with the nastiest son of a bitch cold I've had in a while. I was awake for all of five hours yesterday, so that's something me and a hibernating bear might have in common. However I did need to log on last night because the STEAM hunt starts today.

STEAM is a completely steampunk themed grid-wide hunt that includes over a hundred stores. It's also probably going to be my last grid-wide hunt. I prefer to let the deadlines I live my life by to be my own, not someone else's. I'd much rather live on my own schedule unless it really pays off, and so far it hasn't. I might be expecting too much from them, but I haven't seen any real increase in traffic or notoriety or e-fame or had someone show up at my door with five million Internetz, so clearly they're not worth my time!

Maybe I'm just sour about giving away something as awesome as this hat.

For free. That's right, you guys are spoiled. Spoiled like the pedigree showdog of a has-been TV sitcom star. And you can nab it for free from a golden gear somewhere in my store. I think I heard something ticking when I was lounging around.

I'm particularly proud of myself for not giving in and buying gear sculpts. I hate doing geometric sculpting but I forced myself to give it a try and success! I'll be using these on something else in the future, you can be sure of that ;)

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Achariya Rezak said...

Okay well I'm doing the steam hunt this year <3