Monday, January 12, 2009

Slow Releases For a While

As I mentioned earlier I'm currently working on rebuilding my sim. You won't be seeing any changes until much later (I'm sure I'll mention them), but it is going to be taking up my creativity, productivity, and of course time, for the next month and a half. At least, that's my estimate, and we all know how those things go.

I'm sure as I work, I'll reach pitfalls and obstacles and I'll want to do something different for a while, so that means there might be a release or two to keep you guys happy for a bit. But the main point of this post is to say... hang in there. There will probably be a release drought for a while.

I also want to mention that I applied and got added to the Fashion Feed of SL, which means that every post I make will be posted in a major fashion feed. It does make me feel a bit more self conscious about writing rambling posts or small substance-less updates, so I might be a little slow to post until I have something I feel is worth sharing with the world. I might also be making those little "I'm still alive, this is what I worked on today" posts with a "what I wore while I was working on this darn thing" section, just to be interesting :D

Today I burned through what must have been ten ear tone requests. I think it's time for some revisions, I might be combining the "proprietary" skin options (the TRAP and Aether collections) with the Drow and just make a "Fantasy" skin tone collection. It would certainly make things less confusing. I also have a very large number of skins I'm accumulating in the Naturals collection from various popular skin makers, and I think I could just stick those in there too.

Any vendor revisions I'll be doing will be for the sim opening/unveiling. And by the way, I don't plan on closing the sim for any longer than three days. I'll be assembling all the architecture in the sky beforehand, so all of the actual building should be done when I close. From there, it'll be like playing in a big doll's house where I get to arrange and place everything.

Thanks in advance for being patient with me :)

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Polly Pavlova said...

Heya Siyu! Send me an email when you get a chance...I have an offer that might help you out whle rebuilding :)