Thursday, January 22, 2009


Ok, so yes I'm a tease. The reason I didn't say what my breakthrough was was because it's incredibly simple and I'm just embarassed. But I might as well share, at the jeopardy of actually proving to the world that I have almost no clue what I'm doing.

So basically what I never knew how to do, was work on more than one object at a time in Zbrush. Anyone who's familiar with Zbrush... shut yo mouth >:( So this means whenever I wanted to make two pieces of a mask that fit together, I'd have to work on each separately, then upload to see how they looked, then go back and edit them both to try and make them fit better. Then I'd upload it again and again until it finally looked right. That's how I made my boots, all of my masks, jewelry etc, each piece individually and completely independent from each other. No longer! It turns out that in about two clicks, I can work on any number of integrated pieces at once, all together. So yes, that was very embarrassing.

So one of the perks of my new found ability is being able to build a mask right onto an avatar's head. Like this! Can you believe I've never been able to do this before?

Divis is very different from my other masks, as it's actually made from torii, not a sphere. It has eye holes, not just eye wells, and obviously it's made from two prims. This means people who have had problems with fitting my masks to their faces will find this one a breeze... no nose to worry about, no disappearing eyes, and it should be easily rotated to fit.

Since it's two prims, I made it so each prim can change texture independently so you can have one side be one color, or another, or even invisible if you'd like to show off some neat eye makeup :)

I think you can expect a few more divided masks like this one in the future!

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Baron K. Wulfenbach said...

Fraulein Suen,

No more nose fittings? Splendid!


Klaus Wulfenbach, Baron