Sunday, March 7, 2010

Illusions @ Accessory Fair 2010

I'm in the Accessory Fair which is kicking off this weekend, hosted by Glance. It features other designers like myself who fit into the "other" category of what you can wear on your avatar, and will be going until the 27th of March.

I wanted to have something new released especially for it, but most of my projects weren't anywhere near ready. I found there was something simple I'd been wanting to do and just lacked the timing, so I took the opportunity :)

Sometimes I'm in the mood for the primmy splendor and display of the original Orinthia, but sometimes I want to have a simple pendant that's still romantic and feminine. Orinthia Puro is the reconciliation of those two moods, and if I'd known it looked this good on its own I might not have bothered with the frustration of dealing with all of those chains! In fact, I think it even brings out the lines and delicacy of the pendant better. But after all that work on the original, I'd rather offer this as an option instead of a replacement. Plus, it's significantly cheaper ;) (250L, compared to the original's price of 450L)

The set is only available at my Accessory Fair stall for now, but after a week I'll be adding it to my new releases wall in the main store. My next few releases are going to be the same story, released at the fair first and then added to my main store after a few days :)

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Ruina Kessel said...

Sometimes a simple pendant has so much more impact! What a pleasure to see a simplified version of this necklace - the original IS gorgeous, but I wholeheartedly agree - sometimes less is more.