Saturday, July 26, 2008

You know me, I can't really leave well enough alone on my older stuff. Tonight I had a bad SL crash and wasn't able to log back on for a while, so I got a little bored in photoshop and made a new header set up for the blog. Whaddya think? I especially love the black and silver Columbina with the wings, it just looks so luxurious. But with that I didn't have any room for my title/logo so I tucked that in right on top of the posts. I might switch it back if I get bored with it, but I like it for now.

Oh, my mother reminded me of this. I did end up doing some alterations upon the request of the artistic director of the SWCC, so here is the finished product that will be going out on their postcards and invitations :)

They really loved the silver hair on the original, and the vines around her wrists, so I took the pictures again to change that. She looks much more ethereal now, less human, and I think the vines (from Shiny Things!) do a lovely job of making her seem very fae-like.

I also did some cute little cut out fairy pictures for the interior of the card, to place around the text and just be an accent in general . They were so cute that I didn't want to leave them all alone on a black background. They needed a picture to be a part of. I dug around in my rough snaps and found another one of Pan that would be really cute to add them to, so here's a bonus picture complete with pixies!
Make sure you click that one so you get to see their cute little faces.

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Interfaith Today said...

Thank you for sharing your artwork. It is truly beautiful. Rosmairta Kilara