Thursday, April 19, 2007

Delectable Madame Dumont

The amount of releases is very different from the amount of building I've been up to, and I'd like to offer you this delicious, absurdly feminine delight from my inventory and the inventory of one Candy Flanagan whom you can thank for commissioning it.

Not only can you thank her for it's existence, you can also thank her for being the first person to take advantage of an offer: I'm offering 30% off all custom masks for the Linden Lifestyles Venetian Masquerade Birthday Bash. That means if you commission a mask as a member of the group "Venetian Masquerade 2007" you only have to pay two thirds of the original price! I demand that people have the perfect masks for their outfits.

Speaking of, this mask was made to match (perfectly I might add) the Madame Dumont dress from Indyra Originals, an extremely fluffy, beautiful, ultra feminine rose bedecked confection whose only flaw was that it was no mod (an absolutely huge, monstrous, behemoth sized no-no for wearable "hip area" prim components). So now the above shown Candy Flanagan will be the belle of the ball, until someone else gets a specially commissioned mask at 30% for their outfit :)~

I'm also going to give you a preview of what I shall be selling soon (expect this weekend)... my very first set of silks (including jewelry). And based on the reactions of the few who have seen it, it won't be my last.

Check out my little Egyptology corner near the big willow tree right outside the store :) nothing is for sale yet, but you can look at the details shown in the picture a little bit closer :)

Madame Dumont Mask: 250L (Lady's Masks)
Madame Dumont Top Hat: 150L (Available only upon request... until I get my act together)
Isis Silks and Jewelry Set: 900-1200L (Haven't decided on a price yet, but again, available upon request until I get Photoshop)

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Candy Flanagan said...

I love my mask, it is a serious bit of fun and oh, so beautiful!

The silks are also gorgeous. I must have them! (If only because my boyfriend and I have just bought ourselves the Anubis and Bast bits from the Isle of Wyrms ... haha!)