Wednesday, February 2, 2011

I've been lying low for a while, I always seem to crash around the end of the year in a fiery ball of unproductive sluggishness. But I was trying to get myself to spend more time logged in and was taking care of customer IM's and other sundries when I found myself suddenly struck with fidgetiness. Building fidgetiness. I had left something dreadfully unfinished when I redid my store build, a blank space covered in trees and generally filler while I had this beautifully detailed area around it. It wasn't done, and it was starting to bug me.

So to ease back into working and being productive, I started making the plan I had for that space a reality.

The Arab Market is a place I've been wanting to make for ages, contrasting the perfect, clean, and refined architecture of my store building with a dirtier, grungier and more cluttered feel. While my store is a lofty temple, the market has close quarters, things around corners, and little alleys to get lost down.
I hate closing down the sim for any reason, if you'll recall I didn't even have the sim closed more than a day when I installed the new store build. So if you visit and take a look around, after a day there might be new buildings or some creative shuffling of elements to take a peek at. Of course, there might also just be a mess.

I'll let you guys know when it's officially done though :)


Anonymous said...

ah, clever and compelling...there are a few people doing 'desert steampunk' who will love to see this.

Anonymous said...

Looks absolutely breathtaking, Siyu. Can't wait to see it :-)

avgaggle said...

You should throw a party there Siyu *hint hint* Arabian Night perhaps, a successor to Burning Night