Monday, October 27, 2008

Goblin King and Queen

So on Friday night, as always, the two best costumes at the masque were awarded with never before seen event masks, made especially for the king and queen of the masquerade. In this case, the Goblin King and Queen

In the case of the Goblin King, I wanted something inspired by the mask that Jareth wore in Labyrinth. I did know I didn't want to deal with the challenge of a handled mask (aaaaaaagh animations!), but I knew I wanted horns and a skeletal hand incorporated in it. A bunch of joints and a delicately made human hand later, I was starting to play with it. I brought up one of my mask bases and started playing with carving out shapes in the forehead and eye area, with a space for the horns, and then brought it all together in world. It was a lot of fun moving the hand around and seeing how I wanted it, when I found that the thumb moved so well into the eyebrow groove I knew I'd found how I wanted it.

After that, I knew immediately how I wanted the queen, looking like she had her head in her hands but also looking out almost from a cage of bones. This one, if I was ever to make a handled mask work, would be the first to be converted.

Despite the names of King and Queen, I tried to make sure that both would fit on either gender, unlike my other event masks. So if you're a guy and you don't mind wearing something with "queen" in the name (you'd sleep on a queen sized bed right?), you're welcome to wear it!


Jen Shikami said...

Ahhh, how I wish I could have gone! It was just not in the cards, alas; out-of-town visitors. I'll try to plan ahead better next time. :D

The skeletal hand masks are ubernummy. Wow. Awesome as always!

Siyu Suen said...

It's ok, you mentioned that earlier and you said there was only a slim chance :)

I sent you some offlines btw ♥