Thursday, February 7, 2008


I hope you guys had a wonderful and wild Mardi Gras (even though it's still coming up on Saturday for some people >.>), and that your hangovers, in RL or SL aren't too severe!

I have to just say that I am very flattered, and honored, that so many people chose me for their masks on Mardi Gras. I know a lot of people will flatter me and say that there really are no other choices, but I know for one that that actually isn't true. You took the time to find me, search me, choose me, and wear my items and that is what I'm thanking you for. That, and for making yesterday my most successful single day of business in the whole time I've been creating! Thank you!!

I'm very glad I managed to get so many masks out just in time for Mardi Gras, but I still am no where near done with them. Remade pirate boots and hats, or cloaks and other colors for the phoenix coat will simply have to wait a bit (heh, sorry). The next of my re-releases is an old favorite of mine:

You might not recognize its glorious makeover, but I just adore its richness now. The absolutely gorgeous mottled texture is actually from a raku ceramic glazed vase, which I heavily edited in Photoshop, then fit and molded to the shape, then baked into the Zbrush material shaders. With the beadery I completely discard the idea of using textures for, and instead used sculpted bead prims as well as hollowed transparent spheres to create the delicate looping and intricate appearance around the edge of the mask. The result is a mask molded for mysticism.

But with a mask so beautiful, it'd be a pity to limit it to just one incarnation!
I decided an elemental theme of color would be appropriate to the mask, and the colors being so rich decided it themselves. The beads are also varying metals to match my jewelry (or yours), and also you can mix or match for the best effect on the different colors. I picked my favorites for the color board (like the green and gold, or sterling and blue), but of course you can pick your own :)

This mask is 225L, and there's a big fat pack of all variations for 750L available as well :)

Come get 'em!


Nor said...

There are a variety of mask shops around SecondLife, far more than there were this time last year at least. I went off on a trip recently to explore them all and whilst I doubt I managed to find them all I did manage to discover a good few places. I'm afraid to say that you've utterly ruined me with your splendid selection.

Most of the masks out there seem to be single prim masks with a texture of the sort that it's really difficult for me to get to fit my face. What's worse is that no demos, no signs saying they're just a single-prim texture masks and I'm left gambling on whether it'll be worth spending the money in the hope that the mask can be made to fit. Usually it's much, much easier just to buy one of your masks especially now you use sculpties and have a few low prim choices on sale.

Speaking of which is there any chance that you'll be providing demos for your older masks? Not only are demos wonderful to choose which masks fit better, fun to try on, but they also help with the whole counting of prims thing.

Anyway yeah you might not be the only mask maker on secondlife but you're certainly the best.

Thema Felix said...

Complete ditto the "best" comment from Nor. Siyu, you do create artwork. I am constantly floored by the quality and craftsmanship of your products.

On a much more casual note... OMG! That beading is so awesome! You make me spend my Lindens, you minx. I'll be in your store after work. haha...

Adia Clary said...

You don't know much I admire you, Siyu. Each creation is a piece of art and these are simply fab!