Monday, February 25, 2008

Crisis Averted!

So for the past week, I've had a really nasty headache, plus joint pain, tummy troubles, muscle weakness and a fever. And apparently the only prescription is more cowbell!

Today when I logged on, I had some IM's saying my region wasn't available, and that they couldn't get to my store. Sure enough, this was proved by my being dumped back at Orientation Island. Some very tense moments later, I was in a live chat session with a concierge to see what had happened. He couldn't comment on Vanessa's account, but I believe her account has been declared inactive, and he said that Carnivale had been taken down. He said it was possible for me to have it put back online for 24 hours so that I could claim my objects.

Well, I wasn't going to lose Carnivale that easily!

TJ Linden helped me out, and told me I could submit a transfer ticket, since the parcels were all in my name. I was able to actually claim ownership for the modest fee of $100USD and now... finally... Carnivale is mine. ALL MIINE!!! MUAHAHAHAHA!

I've tried to have Vanessa's account put on some sort of hold for her, so that her inventory didn't get purged, but sadly TJ said that all I could do is try to reach her. So I've tried sending her a couple of emails, and I'm crossing my fingers that her considerable investment in SL is still protected somehow. I hope she's alright, and checks her email ^^;

I'm very happy that I'll be throwing a sale soon, since the tier payment is going to make my finances take quite a hit. Right now my plan is to re-terraform the entire island, and open parts of it for invited vendors to rent. Either that or residential, I imagine a few people aside from myself might like to live here! Just something to take a bit of the burden of the place off of myself, since right now I would really hate to lose the place.

Now though, I don't have any trouble taking full control of the second half of the island, so for folks who really love the current layout, things might change. But don't worry, it's ME, so just trust it'll be gorgeous, whatever it is.

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Green Dream said...

An idea you could consider with the vendor/residential is have storefronts with home areas on top and/or behind it, like how many towns used to be (and some tourist attractions still are, at least in architecture). Not entirely sure how marketable it could be, as many people do like their privacy, but I thought I'd throw it out there.