Friday, November 9, 2007


The word revision doesn't just mean a do-over. Revising is going back and remembering what you really wanted to portray, and in art, can be literally seeing the vision of your piece again, and using what you've learned since that piece to give it a rebirth. The Phoenix mask was the first of the revisions that I plan for most of the ucky oldies.

The wings and feathers inspired the second:

Ring any bells? This is how I originally dreamed of the Arch Angel and Wedding masks. Maybe not blue, but I wanted to show off the beautiful range of colors that the mask is available in... that's right, I made them to match all of the different colors of the wings, with matching stones. The beautiful crest of ostrich feathers gives both an avian and divine feel. Perhaps not exactly the easiest mask to excuse while walking around and shopping (except in my case, I say, "who needs excuses?") it looks absolutely gorgeous with Nicky Ree's swan gowns, and will surely win you costume contests at any formal ball you grace with your elegant presence.

I have more planned... I feel like I'm waving a magic wand and turning wooden toys into real boys :P

Recreating the Seraphim look:
Mask: Illusions "Seraphim Mask" in blue
Skin: Nomine "Blue Glitter" in China White
Miriel "Indigo Glow" (unreleased)
Hair: ETD "Roslin" in black (modified) (ETD's updo's are ideal for this tricky mask, they're very light in the bangs and easily modded to fit)
Wings: Illusions "Angel Wings" colored in blue
Tattoos: Chaospire "Spiretribe"
Jacket: Last Call "Jeane" Sapphire

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