Thursday, June 26, 2008

Piratey Goodness Part I

Yar har fiddlee dee, you are a pirate!

Or you certainly will be after seeing part one of the glorious, illustrious return of Piratey Goodness. This is the first installment, the boots are much closer to release and I also have a couple of hats that are almost ready, but mostly I figured they wouldn't all fit well into a blog entry.

Firstly, the open sea is a dangerous place. It's full of fish that want to eat you and mean people who want yer precious cargo, and accidents happen. Rather than show your icky scars to the world and your crew, hide them with a practical and comfortable eyepatch.

It's completely sculpted for the best fit, but does not sadly go around the whole of the head. I had trouble fitting a whole looped band, but you should be fine if you're not bald. I offered the option on this one for it to cover either your left eye or your right, depending on how your hair falls, and you can also get it fit for a male or female face.

Next up, fabulous hats:

I wanted something more refined for my Captain's Hat in the remake, something with a bit more class. The other one was certainly full of swagger but I really wanted delicate maribou or ostrich feathers along the edges of it, and I achieved the effect the best I could. I'm especially proud of the lack of alpha flicker, and it happens to change texture on touch like the other hats. But if you miss the swagger and attitude of having an enormous hat full of a waterfall of feathers, have no fear.

The Bard's Hat is an homage to the original Captain's hat, but this time much more sim friendly (less than a third of the prims used in the first), and this one also has absolutely no alpha flicker! Except sometimes with hair in the back. But it has a lovely fall to it, and nice fluffly feathers, it's quite rakish and debonair.

Speaking of debonair, I decided to push my chosen period a bit, and wander away from the 18th century a bit into the 19th with a visit to the Napoleonic.

A chapeau de bras simply translated means "hat of the arm". No, you don't wear the hat on your arm, it was actually a military adaptation of a more classic bicorn that was able to be folded underneath your arm for travel and for military ceremony. The two folds at the top were normally pinned together, and as decoration there used to be a sort of floret pin called a "cockade". The cockade could be used to show the colors of your house/heraldry, or the colors of your country, or maybe the colors of your political party. The cockade on this hat is scripted to change color to combinations of black and another color, because black really goes with everything!

As per usual, everything has a demo available in the store :) Stay tuned for part deux!


Thema Felix said...

I wanna be a pirate! I wanna! I wanna! Siyuuuu!!


Interfaith Today said...

Ooooh, I can hardly wait to have a pirate captain's hat with red maribou. Okay, that is deeply twisted. I *love* it! Rosmairta

Adia Clary said...

Such great things! I might have to change my idea for the ball! When is that??? I want to go sooooooooo bad!

Sorry to be a nag.